Scottish Terrier Breed Profile


KC Group Terrier

Size Medium

Good with children? Yes

Good guard dogs? Possibly

Moulting level Low

Grooming Heavy

Exercise requirement Moderate

Jogging partner Short runs

Scottish Terrier Breed Profile

The Scottish Terrier is a great companion, good guard and nice size to take anywhere.

History of the Scottish Terrier

Despite the differences in colour, both the Scottish Terrier and the West Highland White Terrier share the same ancestor: the Highland Terrier.

While this dog was bred as a working terrier to hunt and kill vermin on farms in the highlands of Scotland, he is mostly now seen as a show dog. This has resulted in breeding dogs who have very exaggerated facial hair, big bushy eyebrows, and beards!

In the 1930s, the Scottish Terrier was at the height of his popularity and the breed was owned by national leaders; in fact, during the Second World War, both sides did at least agree on one thing — the breed of dog they favoured! US president Franklin D. Roosevelt had a Scottie called Fala (who is the only dog ever to be featured in a presidential memorial statue), while Adolf Hitler gave two Scotties to his mistress, Eva Braun. President George W. Bush continued the tradition and two Scotties, Barney and Miss Beazley, shared the White House with him.

Scottish Terrier character

The Scottish Terrier is an independent character who can also be territorial and stubborn. They were originally bred to go after vermin, foxes and badgers.

Scottish Terrier size

Height should be between 25-28cm, weight 8.5-10.5kg

Scottish Terrier health

A healthy breed and very hardy - very few breed-specific problems.

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Scottish Terrier care

A hardy dog - but make sure you're the boss!

Remember! All breed profiles are general and every dog is an individual.