Pekingese Breed Profile

Pekingese Dog Breed Profile

KC Group Toy

Size Small

Good with children? Unknown

Good guard dogs? No

Moulting level Heavy

Grooming Heavy

Exercise requirement Little

Jogging partner No

Pekingese Breed Profile

The Pekingese is a self confident breed, fearless - although not at all aggressive!

Pekingese character

Pekes are very regal and dignified almost to the point of being considered aloof or haughty! They make ideal family pets and are not quick to pick a fight, although they will stand their ground if required. They can also be very stubborn and independent and require a patient owner willing to devote time to training.

Pekingese size

Tiny. The breed standards state that they should measure between 15-23 cm and weigh no more than 5kg.

Pekingese health

They are a hardy breed but their breeding has caused some health problems. Their short snouts make them prone to respiratory difficulties. They are also prone to heart problems and eye injuries. The average lifespan is 13-15 years.

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Pekingese care

This is not the ideal breed for someone who doesn't want to spend a lot of time grooming their dog. Also, because of their short face, Pekingese snort, grunt, and snore loudly! Expect to invest a lot of time and attention when training.

History of the Pekingese

According to legend, when a lion and a marmoset monkey fell in love, Buddha allowed the lion to shrink in size so that they could mate. The result was the Pekingese! At one time Pekes were the exclusive property of Chinese Royalty. Commoners were forbidden to own one! They make good family pets and companions and show little aggression.

Remember! All breed profiles are general and every dog is an individual.