Hamiltonstovare Breed Profile

Hamiltonstovare dog breed profile

KC Group Hound

Size Large

Weight 25kg

Height 49cm – 61cm

Good with children? Yes

Good guard dogs? No

Moulting level Low

Grooming Light

Exercise requirement Lots

Jogging partner Short runs

Colours Black, brown, and white; upper neck, back, sides of body, and upper side of tail should be black. The head, legs, side of neck, trunk, and tail should be brown. White markings on upper part of muzzle, underside of neck, breast, tip of tail, lower legs and feet.

Temperament Happy, lively, boisterous

Hamiltonstovare Breed Profile

The Hamiltonstovare is also known as the Hamilton Hound - and this extremely handsome dog carries himself with dignity.

About the Hamiltonstovare

The Hamiltonstövare looks like a fairly typical tricoloured Foxhound but it was developed from a variety of other hounds to produce a dog who could work and hunt in the frozen landscapes of Sweden. His ancestors are said to have been the Swiss Hound, Holstein Hound, Hanover Hound, the Curland Hound from Latvia, and the English Foxhound. The Hamiltonstövare was — and still is — used for hunting hare and fox, and is a scent hound, tracking game by sniffing the ground at high speed (as anyone who has ever tried to walk one will testify). They have an excellent nose and once on the trail of game are hard to distract. The Hamiltonstovare is an excellent hunting dog.

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Hamiltonstovare character

They are a sweet and gentle breed with a strong instinct for hunting. They are happy, lively dogs who crave companionship and would make a good family dog. However, due to their boisterous nature may not be suited to families with really young children. 

One of the features of the Hamiltonstövare is his voice. In order to guide the hunter, it needed to be clear and sharp and capable of being heard from miles away. Your neighbours will love this! However, the breed is friendly and biddable (and food motivated), but retains his hunting ability, his love of (a lot!) of exercise, and his desire to vanish after a scent if owners are not constantly vigilant and able to escape-proof their garden!

Hamiltonstovare size

The Breed Standard stipulates ideal size for a dog 57cm and a bitch an ideal size of 53cm and weight approx 25kg.

Hamiltonstovare health

In general a robust and healthy breed but hip Dysplasia and epilepsy has been known.

Interesting fact about the Hamiltonstovare

This breed was named after its original creator, Count Adolf Patrik Hamilton, who founded the Swedish Kennel Club (Svenska Kennelklub) in 1889. They have always been a rare breed and were restricted largely to Scandinavia, although a few were exported to the UK where they have acquired a devoted but small following; only 12 were registered in 2018.

Remember! All breed profiles are general and every dog is an individual.