Clumber Spaniel Breed Profile


KC Group Gundog

Size Large

Weight 25-34kg

Average lifespan 10-12 years

Good with children? Yes

Good guard dogs? Would bark

Moulting level Medium

Grooming Moderate

Exercise requirement Moderate

Jogging partner No

Temperament Laid-back, happy and sociable

Clumber Spaniel Breed Profile

The Clumber is one of the oldest types of spaniel, but his hasn't stopped the breed from slipping down in populairty ranks in recent years. A dog of contradictions... a gundog capable of a good days work, yet loves the lazy life! Happy family member, willing to please and never aggressive.
Clumber Spaniel popularity

Despite the Clumber being in Britain for over 200 years, the breed is very scarce and rarely witnessed in this country. In 2015, there were only 214 Clumbers registered with the Kennel Club. Although this isn't the lowest figure to date, it means that the breed still finds itself on the vulnerable native breeds list.

Jackie Sheppard, who is a breeder of Clumbers and has owned them for more than 10 years, can vouch for their fantastic temperament and doesn't understand why they aren't more popular. "They have so much character, a real laid-back attitude; they're a great size, and generally a very calm dog - they've got similar qualities and traits to other spaniels, but they're not as hyper as other spaniels can be," said Jackie. "They're loving and like to know where you are, but they're not what I like to call a ‘Velcro dog' - they don't have to be stuck by your side all the time.

"However, they do shed a lot (you find their hair in places where they haven't even been!), and they are heavy dogs, which may put some people off. Maybe they aren't athletic enough for some people, as those who want a big dog often want to do lots of activities with them. Clumbers will still have a go at activities, such as agility, but they're not really competitive."

Clumber Spaniel character

A completely non-aggressive breed and one who loves to please. The Clumber will bond closely with his family, but can be aloof to strangers. Can be lazy! Should pose no problem with other pets, is very easy to train and despite the lazy tendency is still capable as a working gundog, albeit a little slower than other Spaniels. The Breed Standard describes them as "Social, great-hearted, highly intelligent with a determined attitude enhancing his natural ability. A silent worker with an excellent nose."

Clumber Spaniel history

The Clumber Spaniel is one of the oldest breeds of spaniel and was brought to Britain by the Duke of Newcastle more than 200 years ago where they were bred at his family home of Clumber Park, in Nottinghamshire. These dogs are commonly associated with royalty, as during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries they found themselves in the home of several British royals - first Prince Albert, and then Kings Edward VII and George V. King George V bred many working and show Clumbers at his Sandringham estate, including a champion called Sandringham Spark. However, the breed's numbers declined after the First World War until the mid 1960s, when its fate was in the hands of a few dedicated breeders who managed to maintain the qualities of the breed. Despite this, the Clumber Spaniel is still on the vulnerable native breeds list. The Clumber is one of the oldest breeds of spaniel.

Clumber Spaniel size

The Breed Standard stipulates a dog's weight at between 29.5-34kg and bitches between 25-29.5kg.

Clumber Spaniel health

There are a few health problems to be aware of including colitis (inflammation of the large bowel), entropion (where the edge of the eyelid rolls in), and hip dysplasia.
Also as typical to Spaniels, be careful of eye and ear infections. Hip Dysplasia is also known in the breed.

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Clumber Spaniel activity levels

It's important not to over-exercise them when they are puppies because they are heavy dogs who grow quickly. You don't want them running around with other dogs for prolonged periods of time, or clambering up the stairs. This doesn't mean that they can't go out and socialise though, as this is important. Although they are big dogs and can go for long walks, they are not for someone who wants to go out and do loads of intense activity, however they can still have a go at a wide range of activities, including agility.

Clumber Spaniel special care

Clumbers are heavy shedders, which means that they are not for someone who is incredibly house proud - their white hair may fill your hoover! They are also have more 'doggy odour' than the average breed.

Some Clumbers can be prolific chewers, so they may chew your furniture if left alone for too long. However, this is not the case with all of them and training from an early age can prevent this from becoming a problem

Clumber Spaniel facts
  • A Clumber Spaniel's head doesn't stop growing until he is three years old!
  • Clumbers are very sociable.
  • They are very laid-back dogs.

Remember! All breed profiles are general and every dog is an individual.