Canaan Breed Profile

Canaan Dog Breed Profile

KC Group Utility

Size Medium

Good with children? Unknown

Good guard dogs? Possibly

Moulting level Medium

Grooming Light

Exercise requirement Monderate

Jogging partner Yes

Canaan Breed Profile

Owing to the harsh conditions of the Middle East desert where the Canaan originates, the breed are highly intelligent with exceptional hearing and keen eyesight. They're loyal to their family but also make great watchdogs and are incredibly strong.

Canaan Dog character

They are one of the only natural breeds around today. Their instinctive survival techniques can make them independent and wary. They are extremely territorial although not aggressive except, occasionally, to other animals that come onto their property.

Canaan Dog size

According to the Breed Standards Canaan Dogs should stand 50-60cm tall.

Canaan Dog health

Due to the natural selection that occurred in the wild, they are an amazingly healthy breed and so vets bills should be practically non-existent after the initial puppy outlays.

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Canaan Dog care

Training should be easy as they learn quickly, but keep it varied as they can get bored of repetitive commands. Early integration with other dogs is a must as they can be aggressive with other dogs, especially of the same sex. At around the age of 10 months they typically go through an insecure phase where they become fearful of anything they don't know. They will naturally grow out of this, although they are a slow maturing dog.

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