Bullmastiff Breed Profile

Bullmastiff dog breed profile

KC Group Working

Size Large

Good with children? Unknown

Good guard dogs? Yes

Moulting level Low

Grooming Light

Exercise requirement Lots

Jogging partner No

Bullmastiff Breed Profile

Bred to protect gamekeepers from the dangers of poachers, the Bullmastiff has developed into a useful working dog in a variety of organisations due to the manner in which they will calmly subdue and hold their target rather than attacking viciously.
Bullmastiff character

Protective and loyal to their family, the Bullmastiff's inherent power makes them somewhat of a handful to manage although they should never exhibit unnecessary aggression. Excellent guard and watchdogs due to their suspicion of strangers and protective nature.

Bullmastiff size

Dogs should measure 64-69cm and bitches 61-66cm, with weights of 50-59kg and 41-50kg respectively.

Bullmastiff health

Another large breed that is prone to Hip Dysplasia and Bloat.

Bullmastiff care

With their size care should be taken to properly socialize them as otherwise they can cause all kinds of chaos!

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