Borzoi Breed Profile

Borzoi Dog Breed Profile

KC Group Hound

Size Large

Good with children? Unknown

Good guard dogs? No

Moulting level Low

Grooming Moderate

Exercise requirement Lots

Jogging partner Yes

Borzoi Breed Profile

Originating in Russia, where Borzoi is a general term for sight hounds, the breed was used to protect its masters from wolves on the Russian Steppes. With their exceptionally long stride the Borzoi could easily outrun and catch most prey.
Borzoi Character

The Borzoi can be exceptionally stubborn if it does not feel motivated to perform a task and whilst they can be trained, early socialization to a wide variety of situations will help form a nicely balanced character and temper some of their more independent minded actions. With early socialization the Borzoi should get along quite happily with other animals.

Borzoi Size

A tall breed, the Borzoi measures between 69-79cm and should weigh no more than 48kg

Borzoi Health

The most pressing health concern for the breed is Bloat, although with the correct feeding methods this can be avoided. The breed is generally free of other disorders although poor breeding practices have left some lines with a tendency to Hip Dysplasia and eye problems.

Borzoi Special Care

Letting them off the lead in wide open spaces may be tempting and they will certainly enjoy it, however the Borzoi will follow any scent or sight that appeals to it.

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