Bergamasco Breed Profile

Bergamasco dog breed profile

KC Group Pastoral

Size Large

Good with children? Yes

Good guard dogs? Yes

Moulting level Low

Grooming Heavy

Exercise requirement Moderate

Jogging partner Yes

Bergamasco Breed Profile

The Bergamasco is an ancient sheepdog breed that was originally found in Alpine regions, hence the shaggy coat.

The Bergamasco is still a working breed, giving exceptional service in search and rescue operations as well as its more traditional herding roles.  Their instinct to protect the flock makes them useful as guard dogs.

Bergamasco character

An alert and friendly disposition help make the Bergamasco and ideal family pet. The Breed Standard describes them as "intelligent, cautious and patient." They have an almost human sense of being, especially expressed through their range of facial expressions.

Bergamasco size

The ideal height for dogs is between 58-62cm, bitches 54-58cm. They should weigh 32-38kg and 26-32kg respectively.

Bergamasco health

There are no know congenital disorders with this breed although due to its size hip Dysplasia may be an issue if care is not taken when exercising the young.

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Bergamasco care

Eyes and ears should be checked regularly and as their coat can easily obscure their skin, care should be taken to check regularly for any signs of irritation or redness. Their temperature should also be monitored in hot conditions.

Remember! All breed profiles are general and every dog is an individual.