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Latest Your Dog Advice

Can I stop my dog from getting mites?

Harvest mites occur in grassland and chalkland areas in late summer and autumn, and become active in warm weather, as Holly Mash explains...

Can I help my dog's sudden blindness?

Is your dog losing his sight? Are you worried that he isn't happy and that he might struggle to cope? Our experts offer their advice and explain that dogs actually cope very well with the loss of sight.

Why is my dog possessive?

Possessive aggression should always be taken seriously, in any dog — not least because of the way it can so easily and rapidly escalate as a problem, as Carol Price explains... 

Can I groom my spaniel myself?

Do you own a Cocker Spaniel? Grooming expert Diana North offers her expertise on the correct way to groom your dog yourself and which grooming tools are best for the breed. 

How do I stop my dog's embarrassing habit?

Mounting behaviour is often not related to sexual urges; it is often exhibited when a dog is overexcited or frustrated, says Claire Arrowsmith.


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Your Dog blog

Forever friends

Dogs are a great way to make new friends. People who love animals tend to bond easily and a shared interest in dogs means conversations flow better. Dogs are an ice-breaker; their friendly antics lighten the mood and provide common ground.

Dog-lover Angela Rogers (pictured above), from Chester, Cheshire, is a retired teacher, and the owner of seven-year old Golden Retriever Harvey.

The pair enjoy a full weekly schedule of activities from dog training, agility, and swimming to visits to hospices and day centres as part of Harvey’s role as a Pets As Therapy dog. In addition, Angela and Harvey go on dog activity holidays twice a year. Angela has made dozens of friends through her dog activities and she and Harvey are a popular fixture at her dog club’s social events.

She met Jenny Baxter on a Barking Mad Weekend in Shropshire and since then they have returned twice a year, with their dogs, to share the joys of agility, flyball, and country walks. Like Angela, Jenny belongs to dog training and agility groups close to her home in Coventry and takes her dogs to regular classes each week.

Although the pair rarely meet up outside of their regular holiday periods they communicate by phone, sharing news of their dogs’ latest exploits and achievements.


Dog training

Why does she cower from other dogs?

Is your dog timid when out on walks? Does he cower when you come across other dogs? Claire Arrowsmith offers her advice on why this may be happening.

Teaching my dog to toilet

When teaching your dog to toilet you will first need to teach him when and where he should go and to be consistent.

Dog Health

Can my dog overcome nervousness?

It takes time for a nervous dog to settle in and build up her confidence, says Claire Arrowsmith.

Why you should worm your dog

Most dogs will to suffer from worms at some point in their life, it's important as owners we know all about them and how to treat them.

About fleas

Protecting your dog from fleas

Your Dog Magazine's advice on how to treat a dog with fleas and some helpful tips on how to avoid any further infestations.

How to remove a tick

Before removing a tick it's important that you know how to remove it properly so that you avoid causing injury or unnecessary pain to your dog.

Dog Activities

Starting out in dog agility

Would you like to start competiting in agility with your dog? Your Dog magazine answers some of your most commonly asked questions.

Giving rally obedience a go

Often called ‘Rally O’, or just rally, it’s a fun, user-friendly version of obedience that absolutely everyone can take part in.