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Latest Your Dog Advice

What is my dog scared of?

Has your dog been spooked by something, but you can't figure out what? Behaviourists Steve Goward and Claire Arrowsmith share their answers...

Can I train my deaf dog?

Training a deaf dog is no different to training a dog with normal hearing, provided that you can get and keep his attention.

My dog won't let me cut her nails!

Is your dog sweet and loving, until it comes to trimming his nails? A dog will naturally struggle to get free and this can become a set pattern over time.

How can I cure my dog's food aggression?

Is your dog aggressive when it comes to his food? Trainer Elizabeth Kershaw gives her advice on how to manage the problem...

Battersea Q&A: How to get your dog to mind their manners

Most owners don’t underestimate their own dog’s shortcomings, and are realistic enough to know their unruly toddler or overconfident teenager might not be the most well-behaved pet...


Win tickets to All About Dogs, Norfolk!

We’ve teamed up with the pawsitively spectacular Norfolk All About Dogs show to offer Your Dog readers the chance to win tickets to East Anglia’s largest outside event dedicated to pampered pooches.

Over the jam-packed weekend of 24 and 25 August, the show will offer a host of canine fun for the entire family. Its extensive line-up of trade stands will sell a whole range of dog products, from beautiful collars and comfortable beds to new coats and specialist dog foods.

Meanwhile, the event’s various arenas and club rings will offer top attractions from across the country including agility courses, doggy triathlons, obedience classes, lure racing, recall challenges, training classes, K9 Aqua Dogs and lots more.

And to celebrate the great British Summer, the Norfolk All About Dogs Show invites you and your dog to enter its very own Summer Flower Parade! On Bank Holiday Monday (25 August), you, your dog (or both of you!) can have some floral fun and enter a free parade where every dog will receive a rosette and certificate.

Matt Upson of show organiser Aztec Events said: “The Summer Flower Parade is being brought back by popular demand. So, whether visitors dress up in something floral, attach some flowers to their dog’s lead, or dress their dog in flowers, we can’t wait to see them. Obviously the more creative and fun the better!”


Your Dog blog

Wood Green: boosting rehomings with doggy makeovers

Wood Green Makeovers

Sue Corfield discovers how one animal charity is transforming its canine residents - to great effect.

Cambridgeshire-based Wood Green, The Animals Charity, is boosting rehomings among its rescue dogs by giving them grooming makeovers. It’s the latest initiative from one of the country’s most progressive animal rescue charities. With so many dogs in rescue, Wood Green is keen to give them the best possible chance of finding a new home and the grooming initiative, which waslaunched around 18 months ago, is on track to boost rehoming figures.

Pippa Ovenden, of PippasPets grooming salon, based in Terrington St John, Norfolk, visits the rehoming centre in Godmanchester to provide specialist grooming services for needy canines. Dog-mad Pippa became involved with Wood Green when she took on a rescue dog from the charity more than six years ago. After qualifying as a dog groomer, and keen to give something back to the charity, she decided to offer her skills free of charge. She explained: “Candy was a rough-coated collie, and I think her long coat had put off potential rehomers who must have thought it would be a nightmare to keep well groomed - which it was. She was a wonderful dog who sadly passed away last year. “I was keen to give something back to the charity and thought a professional grooming service would benefit many of the dogs in its care. I approached the charity and started working with it once a fortnight. I tend to concentrate on the dogs who need specialist attention, such as clipping and expert cutting.


Dog training

Improving my training sessions

Some simple, general tips on using positive training methods with your dog and getting the best out of your sessions.

How do I stop my dog's embarrassing habit?

Mounting behaviour is often not related to sexual urges; it is often exhibited when a dog is overexcited or frustrated, says Claire Arrowsmith.

Dog Health

Protecting paws in winter

Firstly, clipping paw hair short helps to prevent ice balling in the feet, which can contribute to cold damage to the paws, advises vet Roberta Baxter.

Checking my dog's health

Read Your Dog Magazines' five minute guide on how to check that your dog stays completely content, happy and healthy here.

About fleas

What are fleas and how can I prevent them?

This common parasite drives dogs and owners mad, says Kelly Felstead, but the war against fleas can be won.

What are ticks?

Ticks pose a threat to many animals, including dogs. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

Dog Activities

Giving rally obedience a go

Often called ‘Rally O’, or just rally, it’s a fun, user-friendly version of obedience that absolutely everyone can take part in.

10 things to do on your dog walks

Learn how to make your dog walks more exciting and enjoyable for both you and your dog with these top 10 tips.