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Get walking your dog, urges campaign

dog-walking week.

The Forestry Commission is challenging dog owners to get out and walk their pets during Walk Your Dog Week.

Research has suggested that 35 per cent of dogs in the UK do not get daily exercise, and that one-third of pets are overweight as a result. And, according to the Kennel Club, the government's recommendation that people should get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day could be achieved on a daily dog walk.

Walk Your Dog Week, which runs from April 28 to May 5, is a campaign spearheaded by  Forestry Commission England and is being backed by a number of dog charities including the PDSA, Dogs Trust, the Kennel Club, and Yellow Dog UK.


Dog competition!

Win dog toys from The Natural Pet Toy Company!

We are giving three lucky winners the chance to win a bone-shaped toy and an antler dog chew!

The plump bone-shaped dog toys are handmade in Bristol from tough and durable cotton fabric and have sweet and aromatic aniseed inside that smells delicious and is loved by dogs. These toys are suitable for most breeds of dogs and puppies.

The dog bone toys come in four different fabric designs (beach stripe, midnight stripe, neapolitan stripe, and carnaby stripe) and you will get the chance to choose your preferred design.


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