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That's why we work to bring you the best dog-themed magazine content around, and have created the exclusive Your Dog Membership — so nobody is simply a reader, you’re all members of our club.

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What's in the magazine?

Your Dog Membership

With your magazine subscription, you will become a Your Dog member, and receive a membership card. This will get you discounts from dog-friendly places around the UK. Including money off holidays, eating out, attractions, and online shopping. See what you can get here.

Everything you need to know...

Our magazine includes clever ideas, step-by-step guides, and problem-solving advice from some of the most respected and best-known names in the dog world.

Dogs are amazing!

Celebrating all things canine — heart-warming and inspiring stories about how dogs enhance and change our lives.

Dog photo galleries

You can look at other people's dogs, and send in photos of your own dogs to be featured — pawfect!

Latest news & competitions

You'll find all the latest news, plus new products, celebrity interviews, and plenty of competitions to win prizes for you and your dog.

Top dog-friendly areas

Each month we take a look at a different dog-friendly area of the UK, plus we'll let you know about all of the latest offers and discounts available with your membership card.

What else do we offer?

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In our fortnightly newsletters, you will receive the latest news and updates from the dog world, and be kept up to date with all of the new offers and places you can use your membership card. You'll be first to hear about our latest competitions, get loads of top tips and expert advice, cute dog pics, and lots more.

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Upload your dog photo to our gallery

We always want to see photos of your dogs, and let's face it, our phones and cameras are full to the brim with pictures of our canine friends looking cute at home, and in their element out on a walk. So now, you can upload them all to one place on our website, and show off your dog to our community. 

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Need advice about your dog?

Then you've come to the right place! We have hundreds of useful advice articles for you to read through. Whether you're worried about your dog's health, need some advice on how to train your dog, or want to understand why your dog is acting a certain way — we've got you covered!

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Read the Your Dog Blog

With the latest dog news, product reviews, and membership offers.

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