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23 November 2021
Animal Friends Insurance is calling on the British public to help decide which charity protecting our iconic and vulnerable festive animals will take the biggest share of £100,000 this Christmas.

While many of us are getting ready to celebrate the festive season once again, the animals we so often see at this time of year are in danger.

Their habitats are being destroyed. Their homes melting away. Their futures fading.

That’s why, this year, the UK’s only leading pet insurer founded to create a better life for every animal is stepping up to help make a difference.

With your support, we can help keep polar bears, owls, penguins, snow leopards and narwhals safe and give our favourite festive creatures a hope of a better tomorrow. Vote for one of our five chosen charities all fighting for these precious Christmas companions.  

The charity with the most votes will receive £50,000. The charity with the second most votes will receive £20,000 and the remaining three charities will receive £10,000 each. No one will miss out! 

Not only will you make your dog proud by voting, but you’ll also be entered into our draw to win one of five special Christmas hampers.*

Cast your FREE vote by visiting to help an animal in need this Christmas.

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Who is Animal Friends?

Animal Friends was founded in 1998 to offer affordable and meaningful pet insurance. Since then, we’ve donated over £6million to more than 600 charities worldwide and look after over one million of the nation’s cats, dogs, horses and riders.

Animal Friends was built to be different. All our policies have a purpose, they help save vulnerable animals, large and small, all around the world no matter the time of year.