Helping dogs in need, one walk at a time


01 September 2021
“Many of the dogs coming under our care were Covid puppies who are now between 1 and 2 years old. No longer an adorable puppy, but a clever, energetic dog who requires exercise, good food, training and love.” ~ German Shepherd Rescue Elite.

Did you know?

  • More than half of the dogs being handed into dog rescue are younger than two years old
  • 7 in 10 rescues have taken in more dogs since the start of the pandemic
  • Over three quarters of UK dog rescues are almost or totally full

The pandemic has caused a crisis in UK dog rescues. More dogs than ever are being handed over, often with behavioural problems and, shockingly, many still just puppies. As a company of dog lovers, we cannot stand by without doing more to help.

So, this September, we’re uniting dogs across the UK to help others less fortunate than themselves. All it takes is a going for your daily walk and donating to one of the UK dog rescue charities we’re supporting. We have selected ten incredible rescues across the UK that do amazing work to change the fortunes of the dogs who come into their care, every day.

And when you donate £5 or more – Agria Pet Insurance will also donate £5 to the charity of your choice.

We will also be donating with every new dog insurance policy taken out in September.

  • Just £10 supports a kennel dog for one night with food and shelter
  • £100 gives emergency treatment to an injured dog
  • £1,000 feeds a whole kennel block of rescued dogs for a month

To take part, simply:

  1. Choose a dog rescue to support by visiting our link here 
  2. Donate to them using the unique link on the page – and for everyone who donates £5 or more, we will also donate £5! 
  3. Walk with your dog and share a photo of them on our Facebook page, together with details of the dog rescue you are supporting, to inspire other canine heroes to follow their lead!

By taking part, your dog will automatically be in a weekly prize draw to win some great prizes, and most importantly, together, we will be making a difference for dogs who desperately need help.

Visit to find out more about the rescue charities we are supporting and get involved today!