A day in the life of a dog walker

A day in the life of a dog walker

Caring for pets when owners can’t be there, Michael Hallam spends the day with pet sitter/dog walker Nicky Nettleton.

Using a pet sitter/dog walker means dogs are not stuck in the house all day. But there is more to it than providing the essentials. Pet sitters build relationships with the dogs and give owners peace of mind that, in their absence, their dogs are still treated as an important part of the family.

Boxing Day dog walk pictures

There's nothing better than a Boxing Day dog walk to burn off all those calories!

Here's a selection of your Boxing Day dog walk photos — which picture has won a prize?

Help! My dog is refusing to go on a walk!

Problems with exercise tolerance can result from musculoskeletal problems such as joint pain and arthritis, explains vet Roberta Baxter.

How to set up a dog walking group

Dog-walking groups are becoming ever more popular, whether as a social get-together with friends on special occasions such as Boxing Day, or regular organised walks.

Shape up and get fit with your dog

Shape up and get fit with your dog

How Your Dog readers can get fit with their pets.

Obesity is a growing problem in the UK, for both people and their pets. In recent years, it has reached record levels and shows no signs of slowing down.