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Simba (1)

I Miss you every day my baby boy

Anna De Nittis
Lucy Maryanne (14)

Missing you so, so much Lucy - loving you always XXXXX

Margarita Kennedy
Hamish - Michelle Elwell
Hamish (12)

miss you to bits my little Hamish hoodie hopper, run free with your brother Macbeth and your sister

Michelle Elwell
Max - Samantha Womack
Max (16)

Always in my heart

Samantha Womack
Amber (14)

Loved and missed forever

Debbie Molloy
Bessie, Shepppy. (0)

Both went to sleep a long time ago. Still loved and missed very much

Gill Mead
Maly - unknown unknown
Maly (16)

I learned so much

unknown unknown
Busby (11)

Missed so much our dog in a million.

Louise Quail
Jake - Kimberley Brown
Jake (16)

Loved and remembered forever. You broke our hearts the day we said goodbye, our sweet boy. x

Kimberley Brown
Bruno (12)

Miss you pal.

unknown unknown
Sadie (14)

Given eternal sleep July 2017 Our special girl, missed so much, loved always. Sleep tight Pumpkin.,

unknown unknown
Nash - Cathy Gordon
Nash (4)

Missed so very much, always and forever loved xx

Cathy Gordon