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Brandy (12)

Missing you also

unknown unknown
Max (12)

Still missing you so much. Love you man xx

Rebecca Mclean-reid
Tigger - Alyssa Davis
Tigger (11)

I hope youre doing well and are pain-free now. Miss you pretty girl.

Alyssa Davis
Tyson (16)

My baby boy for 16 years you were by my side

Anna De Nittis
Max - Samantha Womack
Max (16)

Always in my heart

Samantha Womack
Simba (1)

I Miss you every day my baby boy

Anna De Nittis
Hamish - Michelle Elwell
Hamish (12)

miss you to bits my little Hamish hoodie hopper, run free with your brother Macbeth and your sister

Michelle Elwell
Lucy Maryanne (14)

Missing you so, so much Lucy - loving you always XXXXX

Margarita Kennedy
Amber (14)

Loved and missed forever

Debbie Molloy
Maly - unknown unknown
Maly (16)

I learned so much

unknown unknown
Bessie, Shepppy. (0)

Both went to sleep a long time ago. Still loved and missed very much

Gill Mead
Busby (11)

Missed so much our dog in a million.

Louise Quail