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Becky (11)

rhe dearest friend, gone much too soon. miss her for ever

Mary Hart
Bronson - Helen Spellman
Bronson (12)

Always my little pooky bear

Helen Spellman
Harvey (8)

Loved you to bits. Never will leave my heart.

Julie Watt
Brandy (8)

Miss you Brandy, you did not deserve to die

Gina Beck
Elmo - Jacqui Haines
Elmo (17)

Our little old man still very much missed and hurts so much

Jacqui Haines
Merlin - Sharon Ward
Merlin (7)

Always by my side; love and miss you everyday xxx

Sharon Ward
Hector (18)

You were such a brilliant little dog and we are going to miss you more than you will ever know.

Elizabeth Davis
Amber (0)

Loved and missed forever

Debbie Molloy
Smudge - unknown unknown
Smudge (14)

Taken too soon but never forgotten. Sleep well by furry faced man

unknown unknown
Chester - Amanda Legal
Chester (2)

You were only with us a short time but will live forever in our hearts. Love you always xx

Amanda Legal
Millie (8)

We all miss you so much

Jemma Strachan
Maximillion (max) (13)

We love and miss you baby, you are forever in our hearts.

Christine Stubbins