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Henry - Ray & Mary Lennon
Henry (13)

We lost our best friend and we miss you every single day, we are totally lost without you Love you

Ray & Mary Lennon
Ben - Debra Cassidy
Ben (8)

More than a friend, see you on the bridge

Debra Cassidy
Max (15)

Gone but never forgotten, always in our hearts. RIP our gorgeous boy.

Samantha Bramwell
Ella & Charlie (14)

Loved always & never forgotten

unknown unknown
Arnie - Sue Mccafferty
Arnie (15)

Quiet without you! Love you x

Sue Mccafferty
Lucy (14)

I miss you sweet girl. Love you always.

Sandra Heilman
Henry (0)

We lost our best friend and we miss you every single day.

Ray & Mary Lennon
Dozer - Hanna Scheer
Dozer (10)

I miss you...I love you

Hanna Scheer
Reuben - Kathy Tye
Reuben (11)

Always in our thoughts and dreams - life is so empty without you Rubbie two shoes - love you always

Kathy Tye
Amber - Emma Reid
Amber (11)

Miss you baby

Emma Reid
Molly - Irene Brammer
Molly (14)

Love you and will miss you always.

Irene Brammer
Macbeth - Michelle Elwell
Macbeth (12)

always in my heart, run free Mac and have fun with your brother Hamish ans sister Minnie xx

Michelle Elwell