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Dillon (15)

Our beautiful special sweet boy. Life together was wonderful, and so many happy and comic memories. With us always.

Linda Brooker
Dillon (15)

Forever with us, our beautiful sweet boy. Every day together was a delight.

Linda Brooker
Kelly (16)

Kelly was so gentle natured and loving. She could run like the wind. She enjoyed one last fling on holiday in the wilds of Scotland, being carried on long walks round my son's shoulders. Always remembered.

Catherine Parker
Ben (12)

Darling Ben, a Newfoundland/Irish Wolfhound cross had a lovely life; he was the adopted 'son' of our cat and they adored each other! His favourite game was playing hide and seek with my husband. Ben was most partial to home-made sponge cake and the occasional ice cream cornet.

Catherine Parker
Prince (6)

You were my world, my shadow. So young to die, but at least no longer in pain. Hope you are chasing pheasants over rainbow bridge. You will never be forgotten

Anne Richards
Prince (6)

You were my world, miss you so much. Make sure you are chasing pheasants over in rainbow bridge. Fantastic dog, followed me everywhere xxx

Anne Richards
Barny - Laura Wright
Barny (12)

I miss you x

Laura Wright
Katie - Kay Kennedy
Katie (14)

My little rock passed 4.8.10 and she took a piece of my heart with her xx

Kay Kennedy
Bailey (10)

Miss you xxx

Lacey Mullens
Lucky Lulu (3)

The sun rose in your eyes,&the moon&the skies were the gifts you gave to the dark&the endless skies

Lara Emma
Molly (14)

my beloved molly i miss you so much

unknown unknown
Molly (13)

Loving, beautiful, loyal. Simply the best. Run free my love

Ashley Ison