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Barny - Laura Wright
Barny (12)

I miss you x

Laura Wright
Katie - Kay Kennedy
Katie (14)

My little rock passed 4.8.10 and she took a piece of my heart with her xx

Kay Kennedy
Bailey (10)

Miss you xxx

Lacey Mullens
Lucky Lulu (3)

The sun rose in your eyes,&the moon&the skies were the gifts you gave to the dark&the endless skies

Lara Emma
Molly (14)

my beloved molly i miss you so much

unknown unknown
Molly (13)

Loving, beautiful, loyal. Simply the best. Run free my love

Ashley Ison
Magpie maj (11)

A brave, strong, loyal, sister much loved

unknown unknown
Jj daddy Dog - unknown unknown
Jj daddy Dog (12)

A real gent and a loyal brother, much missed.

unknown unknown
Laddie (15)

Larger than life character full of fun n mischief , miss you big fella 3

Jane Johnson
Hardy (10)

Thank you my lovely boy, for all the runs you did with me and the love you gave me xx

Kaye Balchin
Frank (9)

You were my best friend, my first baby , my rock. I will miss you and love you forever. my boy xxx

Sian Tidley
Sammi (13)

Missing you. Our faithful loyal loving girl

unknown unknown