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Murdoch ()

A loyal faithful Gordon Setter. Will be missed.

C LM Salt
Pepper (12)

My best friend. Life without you just isn't the same, but my love for you will never die.

Sarah Andrews
Candi-Sue (15)

My darling beautiful lady. Thank you sweetheart for 15 years of fun,love and laughter. I miss you so very much darling, you'll always be in my broken heart, love from your lost mum xxx

Anne Marie
Kerry (15)

My soul mate, had to be helped to the bridge 14th July, 2018. I miss her every minute of every day

Karen Burdett
Tyson (12)

Miss u so much my boy every single day I think of u when I see a rainbow

Clare Burrell
Alfie (1)

Missing Alfie every day taken so young due to heart valve dysplasia ..

coleen white
Ice (14)

The perfect friend, the perfect teacher you will be missed by all your pals, your pain as ended now, rest in peace. Love from us all

Dee Swift
Ollie (12)

Love and miss you so much our lovely boy till we meet again in rainbow 🌈 bridge. Xxxx

Elizabeth Haslett
Ozzie (15)

Ozzie, you were the sweetest and most kind natured lhasa apso we could have hoped for. Everyone who met you fell in love with you. We will always miss you pottering around home.

Billy ()

our little billy boy or my little man I used to call him really miss him along with Zippy & Roland the cat they all together again after growing up together 1985-2002

donna karen hill
zippy ()

our zippy the whippet 1986 -2003 who I miss very much now with billy our other dog and cat Roland who all grew up together

donna karen hill
Honey (15)

Honey, There is still someone here who loves and misses you. You'll never know how much, Until we meet again. Love always, Tabitha

Tabitha Cox