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Millie (8)

We miss you so much ?

Jemma Strachan
Minnie - Michelle Elwell
Minnie (10)

with us just a short time after finding yourself needing a forever home, you were the sweetest

Michelle Elwell
Tikaani - Cathy Gordon
Tikaani (9)

Miss you baby girl, run free now

Cathy Gordon
Rodney (14)

With me always my Prince and best friend xxx

Louise Howarth
Hunter (13)

miss you so much my old friend

Kim Roffey
Millie (8)

We all miss you so much

Jemma Strachan
unknown (1)


unknown unknown
Evie - Vicky Southern
Evie (3)

We miss you crazy girl. 3 years was not long enough xxx

Vicky Southern
Benji (13)

My gorgeous Benjamin brown, aka doorstop. Best friend and love of my life -miss you forever

Delyth Evans
Shady (11)

Miss you everyday, forever in my hearts.

Lyn unknown
Benji (8)

always in my heart

Gloria Temple
Harper (2)

Miss you baby xx

Kim Roffey