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Lady - Sammi Smith
Lady (14)

My heart broke when my best friend went over the rainbow bridge i will never forget you

Sammi Smith
Lady (12)

Only shared 4 yrs, but they were wonderful

unknown unknown
Spud (9)

My beautiful Spud, you left me 10 weeks ago and took a piece of my heart with you. I miss u my Spud

Jaxqui Dunford
Botham (boe) (18)

I grew up with you, thank you for sharing all those years, and making me a better person

unknown unknown
Damon (14)

Forever missed

Helen unknown
Kodi - Erin Rose
Kodi (13)

Miss your goofiness always!! Hope youre having fun over the rainbow bridge!!

Erin Rose
Lily - Emma Reid
Lily (8)

Until we meet again my angel

Emma Reid
Pepper, (12)

Still miss you , sleep tight, love you forever.

Gill Mead
Bono - Nicola Birmingham
Bono (13)

I miss you puppy. I love you.

Nicola Birmingham
Jasper (15)

Sadly missed

unknown unknown
Leo - Debbie Molloy
Leo (9)

Missed more than words can say

Debbie Molloy
Red - Di Cartwright
Red (16)

We miss you every day Red, and always will, but we had 16 years of joy with you xxx

Di Cartwright