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Tenni (4)

my wife Razieh was feeding her along the road everyday but once she found Tenni`s feet was injured badly then took her to a clinic for a surgery and then home(where she is living now)since we moved to Scotland we miss her so much 22/6/2016

Nader Pirouzkia
archie bunker (13)

my soul mate and angel.. gone 18/12/2016.. always in my heart.. never forgotten wish we still had each other.. you were my saviour....

annmarie wetherell
archie (13)

my soul mate.. my wee rescue.. love at first sight. his light went out 18/12/16..always in my heart. miss you always

annmarie wetherell
Gypsy lou (11)

Can't believe it's been a year since you was taken from us we miss you every day xx

Mandy Tysoe
TYSON (12)

my brave soldier mummy is lost without you its been 3yrs since you were put to sleep and it was the hardest heartbreaking decision i ever had to make i am so sorry i had to let you go to doggy heaven until we meet again one day xxxxx love and miss you

Shekila Sahota
Monty (11)

1 year since you left us,miss you still xx

Helen James
Cookie (9)

Our beautiful girl, taken from us suddenly and far too soon. Miss and love you always xx

Michelle Duggins
Gypsy lou (11)

Miss you darling every day a wonderful dog and my best friend hope you are with grampy now RIP xxx

Mandy Tysoe
Gypsy (11)

Miss you baby everyday you was one in a million mummy will always love you xxx

Mandy Tysoe
Murdoch ()

A loyal faithful Gordon Setter. Will be missed.

C LM Salt
Pepper (12)

My best friend. Life without you just isn't the same, but my love for you will never die.

Sarah Andrews
Candi-Sue (15)

My darling beautiful lady. Thank you sweetheart for 15 years of fun,love and laughter. I miss you so very much darling, you'll always be in my broken heart, love from your lost mum xxx

Anne Marie