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Coloured pencil artist specialising in fine detail, lifelike pet portraits and animal art in high grade materials. 

As a lifelong animal lover, pet owner and qualified animal behaviourist, I understand that your animals are not ‘just pets’ but are much loved and cherished members of the family.

I always do my absolute best to capture your pets unique personality using photographs provided by you, the one who knows them better than anyone. I am more than happy to draw any animal from the tiniest mouse to the biggest horse and everything in between! 

If you would like to book a commission, please drop me an email or send me a message via my Facebook page (details are below). I will then contact you to explain the different options available. I do request a 20% deposit up front to secure the booking.

Completion times do vary depending on my waiting list so I will let you know the expected turn around when you book.

Email: [email protected]


Pet Artists/Photographers