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Scruffs® is a global market-leading brand of premium pet bedding and accessories. The relationship between pets and their owners runs through the DNA of Scruffs® and every product carrying the Scruffs® logo has been carefully crafted to improve the life and wellbeing of the animals we love as part of our families. The philosophy of Scruffs® combines innovative solutions to practical issues facing owners and their pets along with beautiful fabrics and colour palettes found in the latest home décor trends to create the very best pet products in the market.

Distributed in over 80 countries around the world and with over 5,500 stockists of our brand, Scruffs® has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a family-run business in 2005. We’ve retained our core ethos and have added an experienced team of designers, production experts, and quality-control technicians to ensure that innovation and quality remain key pillars of the growth of the Scruffs® brand. We are proud that our global returns rate remains under 1 in 9,000 annually – no mean feat when you produce as many beds as we do – and are constantly striving for new ways to improve our products.

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