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Our range of dog supplements is market-leading. We have developed a range of health supplements for dogs including joint and skincare products. Most of our supplements come with a 30 day money back guarantee. One of the most common issues with dogs, particularly with certain breeds, is that of joint issues. Our Cortaflex supplements have been crafted using ingredients that are scientifically backed to provide great results. The Cortaflex Working Dog powder is a popular supplement that can be added to your dog’s food for a quick and easy way to boost your dog’s diet. This powder contains a blend of micronutrients and innovative ingredients to help support healthy joints, including glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid which help to enhance lubrication of the joints and aid structure and function. This powerful supplement includes a type II collagen which can slow the decay of connective tissues, as well as Vitamin C, Manganese and mighty botanicals which all contribute to soothe discomfort and irritation.

We offer a liquid supplement called Inflamex for active dogs that suffer from extensive stress to the joints and ligaments in the body. Our Inflamex solution is a herbal blend which contains Boswellia serrata and yucca extract to help maximise mobility. These antioxidants are renowned for their health benefits which soothe discomfort in the joints. It serves as a great addition to a balanced diet to help dogs of all ages or breeds stay mobile. Our derma gel is a fantastic canine skincare product along with our derma spray. We have years of experience creating affordable and effective animal supplements and treatments and our canine range are there for your dog.

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