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PlexiDor Pet Doors are professionally engineered and manufactured from high-quality materials and provide years of safe, trouble-free service for dog owners and their dogs. 

PlexiDors do not require costly vinyl replacement flaps. The unique shatter resistant dual thermo-pane panels open and close with a gentle push and automatically close tight without banging. These are lined with industrial grdae weatherseal, to prevent your heat escaping. The frames are made of heavy-duty aluminium that will not rust, bend, crack, or warp.

From the Medium size upwards, the PlexiDors come with a lock and key as well as a steel security plate, for added peace of mind when you need to completely secure it when your dog is not at home, guarding your house.

PlexiDors are available in Silver, White or Bronze to complement the windows and doors in your home. The White and Bronze colours are powder coated so will not scratch or chip.

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