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Couple Matt and Hayley came up with the idea of PetPen after they couldn't find anything suitable for their own dogs. They disliked the look of a cage, not to mention the potential hazards they bring, so they designed the PetPen. The final design can be purchased in a choice of three different colours, in four sizes, with a further choice of having bespoke sizes made.

The PetPen can also be personalised with a name and graphic or breeder logo etc.

They have also developed a Whelping Box that attaches to the PetPen, making for the perfect set-up for a hobby or professional breeder.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should chose a PetPen over a cage:

- Easy to assemble with no framework to build or tools required.
- No bars to bite, get stuck on or get collars caught in.
- The front and side windows offer great vision for you and it’s occupant.
- Who wants to look at their pet through bars or slats?
- Draught-free to keep your pet warm from all angles.
- A minimalistic design that is customisable to suit your home décor.
- Can be customised with your pet, family or breeder name and logo.
- Completely waterproof materials so can be used outside as well.
- Your PetPen also has the flexibility to be used with or without the base.
- Ideal for garden use for anyone looking for a secure method of keeping their dogs under control at the family BBQ’s.
- It is perfect when washing dogs that like to run off at shower time.
- Can be flat-packed to fit in your car or motorhome so your dog’s house can come with you everywhere.
- connect to our Whelping Box to form a play area for puppies.
- All materials are high quality, durable and fully recyclable.
- No metalwork to rust.
- Easy to clean.
- Designed and manufactured in the UK (not mass production)

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