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Hi, my name is Tarnia and a warm welcome to V.I.Pets Bakery.

VIPets Bakery is Built on love, pets and celebration. Our pets give us so much and every moment with them is special, so here at V.I.Pets Bakery we take pride in our guarantee of the best natural ingredients, and our promise that cakes and treats are home baked with a sprinkling of love, and posted out to you as soon as they’ve cooled a bit.

We provide homemade personalised cakes and treats for any occasion to share with your special pet

Cakes and treats are baked fresh and posted out the same day to you so everything arrives tasty and in time for your celebration. Products are handmade, no whisks or food processors, so you can see the chunks of fresh carrots and apples, in our yummy cakes.

Pets give us so much love and companionship, that every celebration is special.

Email: [email protected]

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