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Lecker Bites Gourmet dog food is 100% natural, single source meat - never with any nasty additives! Perfect for complete feeding or treats. Edible wet or dry.

Nutritious treats & chews - our remarkable fresh meat and bones (freeze-dried) are power-packed. Dogs cannot resist the flavour of our nutritious treats and chews.

Top quality - our unique formula based on 100% fresh meat; derived from pure organic, GMO, grain-free ethical sources. This is the best way to improve the total health of your loving dog. Made in Germany.

At Lecker Bites we believe "Your dogs deserve to eat the food nature always intended for them".

Every dog delights in eating meat. Luckily, we have an excellent solution for you and your pet! We offer the very purest pet food, treats and chews available on the market.

All of our delicious dog meals are (freeze-) dried raw food with all the freshness locked in. Fresh dry food is a convenient, clean and an easy way to provide your beloved pet with a healthy diet.

Never settle for anything less, the very best is what your dog should be eating.

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