Why does my dog lick the dishwasher?

(Q) Why does my four-month-old puppy lick the dish washer? 

The inner parts of a dishwasher are obviously interesting to dogs due to spilled food and crumbs. Before filling and emptying the dishwasher you should put your dog out of the room so that he has no opportunity to repeat the habit. 

Train him to ‘Leave it' so that you can easily break off the activity without having to pull him away. As soon as he turns away, he should be praised and rewarded. This way you are rewarding his choice to stop the activity rather than luring him away.

Make sure that your dog has access to a range of exciting toys that involve chewing and food dispensing. You can use portions from his daily food allowance in these so that he doesn't end up with excess food intake. 

Praise him and make a fuss while he plays with his own toys as this will increase his interest. If you carefully manage his actions at this stage it will get easier over coming months as his exploratory desire reduces and he becomes more proficient at playing with toys and settling down.