How can I stop my dog licking the car window?

How can I stop my dog licking the back window of the car?

(Q) When Louis, our two-year-old English Springer Spaniel, goes on his daily walks we take him by car in the boot with his bed in it. When travelling to the park he constantly licks the back window of the car. He doesn't do it when we come home or on any other car journeys. I have tried cleaning the car window with vinegar but that doesn't deter him. I have tried taking a different route to the park but he still does it as he notices I have my dog walking gear on. How can I stop this from happening any more?

(A) Trainer Elizabeth Kershaw says: I suspect that the reason for the licking on the way to the park is the excitement and anticipation of the walk. I would suggest that you invest in a car crate that will contain your dog within the boot and prevent him getting to the back window.

There are a lot of firms supplying such kennels, from expensive made to measure for your car versions to generic cages that fit into the boot. This way your dog will be safely confined. You can make the crate comfortable with his bed or blankets and I would be surprised if he did not settle comfortably in there.