Equipment your puppy will need


There are a few essential bits of equipment your puppy will need when you bring him home...

Take time to prepare your home and buy all the essential items you will need to keep your new puppy happy and healthy. Puppies grow quickly but luckily you don’t need to buy the most expensive equipment. For example, a cheaper collar can be ideal, provided it is comfy and fits properly. You can always buy a better collar when the puppy is fully grown.

Your puppy’s first year is likely to be the most expensive as there is a certain amount of equipment you simply can’t do without. However, would-be owners need to budget for regular, ongoing costs throughout life such as food, booster vaccinations and a yearly check-up, worming, flea treatments, and insurance premiums. On top of this you may find yourself treating your pet or having to replace worn-out toys as well as training class fees.

In addition, depending on the type of dog you choose, regular trips to a grooming salon may also be necessary. Even if you plan to do the job yourself you still need to buy the right grooming tools.

Essential equipment your puppy will need

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Most experts now agree that a puppy den (a complete cage) or a puppy pen (an enclosure with open top and bottom) is essential. Although more expensive, the den is more versatile as it is can be used for travelling too. The den provides a safe and secure place for your puppy. It is also helpful for house-training. Add a blanket or some fleecy bedding to keep him warm and comfortable.


dog toyToys

Toys of the right size are essential - choose some for your pup to play with when he is alone (such as food-filled toys or chew toys) and some he can play with you (tug toys). You'll also require a soft collar and lead plus an identity tag, as well as food and water bowls. Choose a soft brush and a mild shampoo so you can gradually introduce him to grooming and baths.



Buy a bed big enough to allow for your puppy's growth, and it might be worth avoiding either foam or wicker beds at least until they've grown out of their chewing stage. A travel crate is also worth considering.



dog bowl


Water/food bowls should be either stainless steel or ceramic as they wash much easier and are more germ resistant than plastic bowls. It is important that there is always fresh water available for your dog.



DAP diffuser

Other useful products

Adaptil, (formally called D.A.P dog appeasing pheromone) diffusers are a useful option, especially if dealing with an older/rescued dog or if there are other pets in the house. Also worth considering is an anti-chew spray to discourage unwanted nibbling on furniture and household objects.

It's inevitable that there will be a few accidents in the early stages of any training and housebreaking regime, so having an enzyme based stain and odour remover will help clear up the stain whilst discouraging your pup from soiling in the same spot again.