House rules for a puppy


Before you collect your puppy draw up a set of house rules that all occupants (and guests) must abide by. This can include things such as not feeding scraps from the table and not allowing him onto the furniture.

If these puppy house rules are kept then the puppy will experience consistent behaviour and he avoids getting confused.

How to handle a puppy

Show your children how to best stroke and handle the puppy and talk to them about the importance of these early months in the formation of his character. If children are rough and aggressive towards a puppy, the dog will continue to see children as a threat into their adulthood. With careful management, owning a dog can be a great education and loving companion for your children.

Puppy toilet training

Many pups manage this with very little trouble as they do not want to soil their own sleeping areas. However, it helps to have good practice in place from the start.

  • Choose a spot in the garden where you want your pup to toilet and take him there at regular intervals. Don't make it too far from the back door!
  • Always take him outside first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and after eating, drinking and playing.
  • When he performs outside give him lavish praise and a treat. He will soon get the idea.
  • Remember that small puppies cannot control their bladders for more than a few hours. If he does have an accident, mop it up and use a suitable stain and odour-removing product to prevent him regarding the place as a toileting area.
  • Do not scold him - he won't understand what he has done wrong.
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