How to keep your dog calm throughout firework season

Are you worried that your dog is overweight? Here are some top tips to help you get your dog's weight under control.

How your dog's ideal body shape should be

  1. When looking at your dog from above, there should be a slight narrowing between the end of his ribcage and his hips, giving him a noticeable waist.
  2. Looking at your dog's profile, the line of his undercarriage should curve from the end of the ribs towards the groin. This is more pronounced in deep-chested breeds such as the Greyhound and Whippet.
  3. When stroking your hands along the side of your dog's body you should be able to feel each rib easily, although they shouldn't be visibly prominent.

Top tips to help keep your dog in shape

  • Cut out treats.
  • Check with your vet that you're feeding your dog the right amount of food each day.
  • Don't leave food lying around with reach of your dog.
  • Not sure if your dog is overweight? Look to see if his tummy is getting bigger or appears swollen. Take him to the vet's to check there's no underlying health reason for his weight gain.
  • Ensure your dog has regular exercise, but build up activity levels gradually.

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