Why is my dog moulting excessively?

(Q) Is there anything I could use to lessen my dog's moulting? I have a three-year-old German Shepherd and his moulting seems excessive.

His fur gets everywhere and I'm constantly vacuuming up dog hair. I groom him three times a week and it comes out in clumps. Is there a supplement I can use that would help?

(A) Grooming expert Diana North says: The German Shepherd has a dense double coat, which, in good condition, doesn't present a great problem to groom. If out of condition, then the story is very different - you will find masses of dead undercoat hair everywhere.

I think you are right to look at his nutrition first - try feeding him a good all-in-one diet with special emphasis on skin and coat care.

Additional supplements can be added if you feel this is necessary. If he is shedding excess undercoat, perhaps that is because he doesn't require this extra coat. Is it too warm where he sleeps? This may be triggering a false moult.

Does he get plenty of fresh air through his coat on a daily basis? Excess coat shedding can be caused by any of the above as well as such things as stress or change of diet.