Help for haematoma

(Q) Our collie-cross, Kidder, has got a haematoma. There is bleeding inside the ear, so it's puffy and hanging down from the weight of the fluid. The vet wasn't concerned as there was no evidence of mites, infection, or foreign objects. What causes a haematoma? Can I help it go down?

(A) Vet Roberta Baxter says: The ear flap is basically a couple of layers of skin with some blood vessels between.

If a blood vessel pops (often if the dog has been shaking his head or scratching a lot because he has ear disease) it can form a blood blister.

This can be very uncomfortable for the dog, and generally it is advisable to seek veterinary advice promptly when an aural haematoma occurs, as it often needs to be drained, and sometimes also stitched, for the ear to heal.

Go back to your vet and have the ear assessed again, as it's very unlikely to resolve by itself, and might need further attention.