What's a dewclaw for?

What is a declaw for?

(Q) My Papillon has only got one dewclaw. Should I get it removed? Does it serve any purpose?

(A) Groomer Diana North says: The dewclaw is the fifth digit on the inner lower part of the front legs, but sometimes on the back legs too. 

It doesn't serve any useful purpose but on rare occasions might get caught, causing damage to the dog. The vet might remove the dewclaws, but in general this is done at a very young age unless there is a good reason to do it in later life. 

Having only one dewclaw is of no detriment to your dog, and unless it is causing a problem it is best left. 

However, as the dewclaw doesn't wear down naturally, you need to check that it doesn't get over-long and grow into the pad.