VIDEO: Securing my dog in the car

Securing dog in car video

When taking your dog in the car it's important to remember that a dog will need to be placed in a safe position. You wouldn't leave your toddler loose in the back, but people will often do this with their dogs.



Top tips:

  • Buy a harness if the dog will be travelling on the seat, these have a seat belt attachment and clip straight onto the dog's harness.
  • If you have a young or small dog, never travel with it on your lap in the front passenger seat. In an accident the dog may hit the windscreen or even be crushed when the airbag deploys.
  • Consider using a crate for your dog (if it will fit) in the boot. This will ensure the dog is secure and will also stop him becoming a ‘loose object' in an accident.
  • Imagine the dog is a person, as the exact same rules apply, however, never put a dog in a seat belt alone; always use a special dog harness with seat belt attachment.