Is there a shampoo for my dog's dry, itchy skin?

(Q) My Westie has dry and itchy skin and was on Piriton throughout the summer. I recently changed his diet to a complete food with extra cooked vegetables.

Can you recommend a herbal shampoo for him? I take him to the groomer's once a month and can take my own shampoo with me.

(A) Homeopathic vet Holly Mash says: West Highland White Terriers do suffer quite often with skin-related diseases. However, by choosing a diet that is hypo-allergenic and natural, and also by the daily addition of a balanced essential fatty acid food supplement, you will do a lot to help your dog's coat and skin stay shiny, healthy, and hopefully itch free.

There are several good, gentle, dog shampoos on the market, such as Sebocalm - formulated to be hypo-allergenic and soap-free and available through your vet. In addition, check out the Greenfields range of gentle, herbal-based dog shampoos containing natural oils for frequent washing.