Is it beneficial to add coconut oil to my dog's dinner?

Is coconut oil beneficial?

(Q) Is it beneficial to add coconut oil to my dog's dinner? 

(A) Vet Roberta Baxter says: Coconut oil has certain benefits, ranging from helping the skin to be healthy, to potentially aiding weight management, as it appears to be metabolised better than some other oils. 

Whether it is appropriate to add to your dog's food depends on all kinds of things. If your dog is fit and healthy and on a good-quality complete food, you shouldn't need to add anything. 

If he has problems such as skin, kidney, heart, or joint disease that would benefit from essential fatty acid supplementation, then a canine vet product would be more appropriate.

(A) Vet John Burns says: I don't know if coconut oil would be beneficial to your dog. This seems to be yet another miracle food, which will go out of fashion just as quickly as it has appeared. 

You could try it to see if there are any beneficial effects.

I believe that it is better to use a very good-quality food which doesn't need supplementation, rather than use supplements to compensate for mediocre food.