Is grass safe for my dog to eat?

(Q) My dog occasionally eats grass. She has always done this and sometimes it makes her sick and sometimes it doesn't.

My friend said I should stop her as grass may be sprayed with pesticides and this could be dangerous for her. Would changing her to a high-fibre diet help?

(A) Vet Roberta Baxter says: Lots of dogs graze on grass and other plants. Sometimes grass appears to act as an emetic, and will be seen vomited up.

Often eating grass relates to an underlying problem with the dog's digestion, but it can be seen in perfectly healthy dogs too.

Make sure your dog's worming treatments are up to date and she is on a diet that suits her - it may be worth changing her to a low-allergy diet or one with minimal levels of additives. Changing the fibre level might also help.

If she continues to eat unsprayed grass in your garden or at the park, it should do her little harm, but I'd avoid letting her eat grass on agricultural land, which might have been sprayed.