How can I make moving house stress free for our dog?

Moving house with your dog

(Q) We are moving house soon and want to make sure our three-year-old Maltese Terrier, Muzzy, settles in easily. How can we make the move less traumatic for him? Or are we worrying over nothing? The house is fairly close to our current home so his normal walks won't change much. He also sleeps on our bed, so we think that will help him.

(A) Trainer Elizabeth Kershaw says: Unlike cats, who are very concerned with their hunting territory, dogs are probably more concerned about their people and familiar belongings. 

As long as you are in the new property along with all his toys, bed, and food, there is a good chance that Muzzy will take the move in his stride.

However, I think it can be traumatic for dogs to see all the familiar things being put in a van and taken away, leaving your original property empty. If you can leave your dog with a friend or relative for the day while this is happening he will probably cope. 

You can then introduce Muzzy to his new home when most things can continue in the normal routine.

As long as you are there to feed, exercise, and cuddle him I suspect Muzzy will make the change without too much of a problem.