How can I help my dog suffering from yeast in her ears?

How Can I help my dog suffering from yeast in her ears?

(Q) My terrier Snowee suffers from yeast in her ears. She had an operation a year ago on her left ear to try and resolve the issue. Her right ear has now started to play up. I have been told to continue with her ear drops which are called Conofite. Is there anything else I can do to alleviate this problem once and for all?

(A) Vet Roberta Baxter says: Itchy ears are very common in certain breeds and can relate to a number of predisposing factors such as narrow ear canals, hairy ear canals, underlying mite infestations, underlying allergies, and bacterial and yeast infections.

Yeast infections often relate to underlying allergic skin disease, which renders the ear canal more susceptible to infection. Conofite drops contain a product that kills yeasts; there are other products that also do this.

However, if there is an underlying issue, then yeast infections will keep recurring if you don't address it. I recommend a trip to your vet, or even a specialist small animal dermatologist, to get this checked out. 

(A) Vet Holly Mash says: Chronic, long-standing ear complaints often need specialist treatment. This is because they are complex, multifactorial, and challenging to treat at the end stage.

Can you ask your vet for a referral to a veterinary dermatologist, or to a veterinary homeopath, if that's a route you are keen to pursue? This can be an effective form of treatment for skin complaints.