Help! My dog is scared of spot-on!

My dog is scared of spot-on

(Q) Every time I apply spot-on flea treatments to my dog, he wees on himself. Is he doing this on purpose because he doesn't like the treatment? Is there an alternative to spot-ons?

(A) Vet Roberta Baxter says: Passing urine when a treatment is applied is usually a stress response rather than a response to that treatment.

I don't think that your dog's problem is a specific response to the spot-on, or is something that he is doing on purpose. It is much more likely that he is afraid. 

I would suggest that you try to build up his confidence. Practise handling the area on the back of his neck where the treatment goes, and possibly also try applying a dummy treatment (such as a little water). 

Maybe you can help him to develop his confidence in this way. Alternatively try Comfortis instead of a spot-on - this is a new oral flea treatment which works well.