Help! My dog has a yeast overgrowth!

(Q) I have a five-year-old Golden Retriever. Her nails became stained last year. When she broke one, the vet sent me to a dermatologist, and a yeast overgrowth was confirmed. She has been on a skin supplement from the vet, bathed with Microbex shampoo twice a week, and has an ear cleaner. My limited understanding of yeast overgrowth is that it is often linked to a food allergy or imbalance in the digestive system. How can I fend off future episodes?

(A) Vet Roberta Baxter says: Seeing a dermatologist allows you to get the best advice for your dog's nail problems. Sometimes a biotin supplement is appropriate, as it can help promote the growth of healthy nails, and often an essential fatty acid supplement helps promote healthy skin, hair, and nails. Feeding a low-allergy diet might also be helpful. 

You could consider using a food containing a single novel protein and carbohydrate source, or a hydrolysed diet which has been factory treated to prevent it containing allergens.