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Can old dogs do agility?

Do you have an older dog, but would still like to give agility training a go? Elizabeth Kershaw offers her advice...

Agility jump training

Jumping is a natural activity for dogs, so getting started with this fun aspect of agility training is easy. But before you begin, remember that dogs must not jump before they are a year old - or even older in large breeds - because it can cause serious and permanent damage to…

Teaching your dog to weave

One of the greatest sights in agility competitions is a Border Collie hurtling through the weave poles, without appearing to slow down. There are competitions purely for weaving, and frequent attempts to break the world weave record, which currently stands at 60 poles in just…

Flyball for the first time?

Helen Taylor who runs the Fun 4 All Dog Club (, organising non-competitive agility, flyball, and rally obedience classes answers our common questions.

Giving rally obedience a go

Often called ‘Rally O', or just rally, it's a fun, user-friendly version of obedience that absolutely everyone can take part in. It's a combination of traditional obedience exercises with agility-style numbered courses.

How to get started in dog agility

Looking to get started in dog agility? It's a great activity for both you and your dog, and can be so rewarding. Take a look at how to go about taking up this exciting hobby...