Can I train my dog to wee in one place?

Is there a product for dogs (such as the material used in cat litter to attract the cat) that you can put in an area of the garden to entice your dog to toilet only in that area?

Trainer Elizabeth Kershaw says: There are rarely any good quick fixes in dog training. It is actually quite easy to train a dog to relieve himself in a designated area. Choose the area that you want your dog to toilet in, fenced off initially, and hurry the dog to the area whenever you feel he needs to go (after food, sleep, exercise, and play, or every hour on the hour if you are specifically training).

Wait with him until he performs in the designated area, and then reward him with food on the spot and praise him. By preventing him toileting anywhere else in the garden, the necessary scent that he relies on to encourage him to pick a suitable spot will only be available within the fenced area. He will soon make the association and head for the right place.