Can I feed my dog vegetables?


Can I feed my dog vegetables? Vet John Burns advises one of our readers about introducing vegetables to your dog's diet...

(Q) I'd like to feed my dog cooked vegetables along with his complete dry food. Do I risk unbalancing his diet if I do this? And if it is OK which vegetables would you recommend (he seems to like everything)?

(A) Vet John Burns says: Nutrition is not an exact science although some pet food manufacturers would have you believe that any variation from the prepared food will be harmful. That is only correct if a health condition needs careful management.

The averagely healthy dog can cope with a certain amount of variation in his daily diet. You won't upset the balance by adding cooked vegetables unless you overdo it and give him diarrhoea. I don't usually recommend adding meat-based foods; complete foods already contain enough protein and fat.

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Most vegetables are fine - avoid allium species, that's onions, garlic, or leeks.