Five useful flea-fighting tips

Take a look at our five useful flea-fighting tips for both your pets and your home...

1. Treat other pets

Treat all pets in the household. Treat them all on a regular basis all year round (If using FRONTINE® Spot On use monthly for fleas and ticks). Remember it is much easier to prevent a home infestation than to treat one. Fleas also carry tapeworm and can transmit them from animal to animal so keep worming programmes up to date.


dog and cat in house2. Home treatment

Sprays can help but do not rely on them on their own – you must still treat your pets! Remember that pupae CANNOT be killed by household sprays and must hatch out and onto a treated pet in order to be destroyed.



3. Vacuum

Blitz the house thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner, including soft furnishings, cracks, and skirting boards as fleas, their eggs and larva can lurk anywhere and everywhere. Regular vacuuming can be an effective way of helping to get on top of a home infestation but it will not get rid of pupae – it may encourage them to hatch out however, and then be killed by jumping onto a treated pet. Place an insecticidal flea collar inside the dust bag, seal, and dispose of it afterwards.


4. Groom

Regular grooming sessions can help. Flea shampoos are not recommended and if you're using a topical flea treatment on your pet be careful not to wash them too often as this can remove the flea treatment product from the pets skin and make it less effective.



5. Hot wash

Stop fleas in their tracks by washing all your pet's bedding in hot soapy water as flea eggs and larvae will usually accumulate in it. Do not forget fleeces and throws used to protect furniture or car interiors.