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Why does my dog mount his bed?

Why does my dog mount his bed?

(Q) Recently I got my six-year-old Labrador a cosy new fleece bed. He has started to hump the bed, and is doing this at every opportunity. I want to stop the habit getting any worse, but I do not want him associating getting told off with his bed.

(A) Behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith says: Fleecy beds can be attractive to entire dogs due to their strong hormonal drive, while castrated dogs do this just because they are excited and are playing while getting comfortable. 

I am not sure how long this has been going on for, or what your dog’s history is, but there is a chance that this will subside as the novelty wears off and the bed smells more familiar. 

Try not to give him too much attention for mounting his bed. Often owners leap up to reprimand their dogs which accidentally encourages the dogs to feel excited. This will only lead to more mounting. You might be able to drape a blanket over the fleece while you teach him to go and lie on the bed with a chew. Over time he may then start to respond more appropriately. 

Be patient and make sure he has lots of exercise and other activities to do when you call him from the bed. 

If you think he is practising this mounting behaviour when you are not around, do not leave him with the bed.

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