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What makes a good agility dog?

Do you have a top agility dog in the making?

We take a look at what qualities a dog needs to become a top agility dog.

  • Strong bond — you and your dog need to have a good bond and enjoy spending time together.
  • High energy — a dog who has a lot of energy and is often mischievous needs an output.
  • Focus — dogs who can focus and are not easily distracted can excel at agility. The dogs who don't let a toy go or show a dedication to getting a toy from under the sofa, no matter what it takes, have a strong focus that can be applied to agility.
  • Athletic ability — if your dog is the opposite of a couch potato and runs to the front door excitedly at the sound of 'walkies' and enjoys all types of exercise, he may enjoy making his way around an agility course too.

If you recognise any of these qualities in your dog, he might be the next agility champion!

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